Ano Natsu De Matteru Episode #11 Anime Review

After spending some time dealing with the fallout from the revelation about who Ichika is and her origins, we had some nice down time for some of the cast, especially between Kaito and Ichika as they got all close and comfortable around each other. Some of the others are a bit stressed about their own situations, but they’re also starting to work through them which is definitely progress and something that needs to happen. A "no more" moment when it comes to relationships that will simply not happen. What throws a spanner in the works though is when Ichika’s older sister Emika arrives on planet, very happy that Ichika is safe after worries of her being injured, dead or something else. The problem comes in the form of the rules that their Federation has about interacting with planets like Earth and how it can cause problems, getting back to the original knowledge that she simply can’t stay there. READ MORE...


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