Ano Natsu De Matteru Episode #12 Anime Review

With the end of the series, you know that it can go in a couple of different ways and that there are some that have better chances that others. The fun, as usual, is in watching how they actually get there to it. With Ichika’s people having come to get her and bring her back because of some f what’s involved with Earth and her own position, that has Ichika and Kaito on the run now, along with Rinon who helps them quite a lot in the early match up against them. While Remon was going to do her best to help at the start, after we learned she has a drivers license, she proved to not have what it takes to really help them in the short term. But there’s a lot of others helping them distract and get in the way so that the pair can try and get away. READ MORE...


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