Oz the Great And Powerful - Review

''Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!'' It's one of the most famous lines in a film jam-packed with famous lines: The Wizard of Oz. And for the most part, Victor Fleming's 1939 classic does just that. It's more interested in Judy Garland's ruby-slippered Dorothy and her three questing pals — the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion (not to mention Toto). The Wizard is a below-the-line supporting player at best. But who was that charlatan behind the curtain? Where did he come from? That's the jumping-off point for Sam Raimi's fractured new 3-D fairy tale Oz the Great and Powerful, the latest big-budget prequel to emerge from Hollywood's origin-story conveyor belt. The film kicks off in black-and-white Kansas, where we meet James Franco's barnstorming small-time magician, Oscar Diggs. Dressed in a snake-oil swami's turban and spouting the rat-a-tat stage patter of a born flimflam man, Franco cons his yokel audience and runs afoul of the circus strongman after wooing the brute's girlfriend. So he hightails it in a hot-air balloon just as a twister approaches, getting sucked into its angry maw and winding up... Well, let's just say we're not in Kansas anymore. READ MORE...


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