Justified Season 4 Review “Get Drew”

Last night’s Justified brought in all of the elements that make the show great: witty one-liners, Boyd/Raylan banter, gun brandishing, and the good guys outwitting the bad guys. Drew Thompson’s days of hiding in Harlan came to an end, and now the real battle starts for who will claim the prize. Thompson, formerly known as Sheriff Shelby, figured out that it was time for him to get out of town. He tells a distraught Ellen May that he can’t take her with him, but changes his mind after seeing a stray dog on the road. Not the most flattering analogy, but also not that far off in terms of pathetic-ness. Thompson plans to flee either by air or land, but quickly discovers that neither will be possible. Rather than face the possibility of being turned over to Theo Tonin, Thompson decides to give himself up to law enforcement. Ellen May is dead set against this plan, so Thompson agrees to go into hiding with her. Thompson really should have known better. Ellen May is hardly the brightest bulb, and the person you would least want to take advice from. READ MORE...


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