Whitney Season 2 Review “Nesting”

Another pretty decent episode of "Whitney" this week, with "Nesting," in which Whitney & Alex opt to take themselves a honeymoon-style retreat to Alex’s family’s lake house and things go unexpectedly awry when his dad shows up. As on previous episodes I’ve mentioned as of late, the sitcom tried its best to meld drama and comedy, not entirely successfully. But they are getting a bit closer to the mark, at least, in part because the show is finally figuring out how to approach each in a logical way that’s not too left-field or jarring. I think the key is to let it happen organically, so that it feels real and the laughs feel a bit more earned- or the tears, for that matter. It’s an uneasy mix at times, to be sure, but they’re getting there. I liked the in-joke about "Breaking Bad" that worked on two levels: you had the joke about "Malcolm in the Middle" being the "prequel" series to "Bad," which was amusing, but then you also had an actual cast member in Dean Norris, aka Hank from the show, who played Alex’s dad. That was pretty clever, and for once, they didn’t overplay their hand and played it a bit more subtle than they could have. READ MORE...


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