Catching up... Chuck vs. the Sandworm... Awesome episode

I noticed that I had a long lost episode of chuck (Episode 6 - **Chuck versus the Sandworm** ) on my DVR last night, so we sat down to watch it and what a pleasure it was.

Not to give anything away, but this episode involved Chuck coming across an "escaped" and rather deranged fellow government spy genius, whom he likened to "Q" a la Bond. Some semi-dramatic hijinks ensued, as they always do.

That said, this episode, more than any other, clarified for me why I like this show - it's gotta be the comedy driven by the geek man-crush between Morgan and Chuck. There's a look at the end of the episode shared between the two of them when they're finally reunited (in slow motion, of course) that is, umm, delicious.

It's just good times. Watch it.


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