Generation Kill - mmmm mmm finger-lickin' good.

Any follow up to The Wire is going to have some mad expectations to meet and the first two episodes of Generation Kill, HBO's on-the-ground view into an elite Marine Unit that led the invasion of Iraq, does not disappoint.

It's good to see that HBO hasn't entirely lost their way when it comes to producing a fine long-form drama of the likes of, yes, The Wire, The Sopranos, Rome(!), Six Feet Under, and on and on. This is a show worth subscribing to HBO for. I know, crazy.

Generation Kill is based on a non-fiction account of the Marine's first days in Iraq by Evan Wright.

The first two episodes are mostly a build up of tension and anticipation as the unit flirts with action and as the unit gets a preview of what's to come. Finally, at the end of the second episode and on a seemingly hair brained scheme by their commander ("The Godfather") - they get their chance and intentionally move through a harrowing, nail-biting, ambush.

Watch it.


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