The L Word Finale - The end has come [spoilers within]


I've just watched the final episode of The L Word. I am under-whelmed.

Let's set the record straight. I'm not a huge fan of the show, and watch it mostly because my wife is a fan. That said, the collective reaming of Jenny Shechter this season has been a clear high note for me having watched the series since it's start and abhorring her character and the chaos that she wrought.

To see the way the series ended and the rather huge questions it left unresolved (especially given the foreshadowing in the first episode of the season) left me curious? hungry? wanting? something.

There have been rumors of a film or followups to The L Word, and that may be the point of the unresolved questions from the finale. You tell me. Though frankly, that has rarely happened.

Now, the finale did have its high notes. I thought it rather classy when folks from earlier seasons (one of whom is now a star on Ugly Betty) did cameo "messages" to Bette and Tina. Their appearance was a tad bit awkward, though, as I didn't recall them having much of a tie to those characters.

One thing you have to say about Showtime is that they generally "complete" their stories and do not leave them hanging (see Queer As Folk).

Alas, so, now the question for those who watched it - Who (if anyone - and that's an option too) did it???


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