Parks and Recreation Season 5 Review “Bailout”

Over its five seasons, Parks and Recreation hasn’t shied away from political issues. Often times, the show stays on the periphery of the issue and throws some light-hearted barbs at it while still managing to keep its sunny disposition. Tonight, on the other hand, was the show deep-diving into a relevant political issue, but still managing to spin it into something amusing. It’s important to note that Ron has to be right about the video store bailout. Since he and Leslie square off frequently over issues like the video store bailout, Ron has to win on occasion to keep their respectful war over the role of government even. Given what we’ve seen over the years, it’s safe to assume the show tends to lean more towards Leslie on political issues, but Ron’s victory is decisive enough to make the show seem balanced. Plus, it allowed Ron Swanson the opportunity to unleash the greatest giggle in the history of television when he sees the Videodome has been transformed into an adult video store using the government funding. If the Pawnee government really wanted to throw some money into a failing enterprise, it should look into resurrecting the Perd Hapley movie review show.* I couldn’t help but agree with his assessment that E.T. wasn’t good because it’s "not believable". I’m sure Perdverts everywhere would be happy to see that show return. READ MORE...


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