Community Season 4 Review “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking”

Community returned tonight with the sixth episode of its inconsistent fourth season with "Advanced Documentary Filmmaking". We’re about half-way through the shortened fourth season now, so I was hoping for the show to take a marked step forward in quality with only 7 episodes left. However, tonight’s installment was a definite step back from last week’s funny Thanksgiving episode. I suppose I was guaranteed not to like this one too much, considering it was centered on a character that I don’t like too much: Chang. Or should I say Kevin? I always felt like Chang was best in small doses, so all of the episodes centered around him seem a bit like overkill. It makes sense that tonight’s episode was directed by Jay Chandrasekhar (The Indian guy from "Super Troopers"), as the last episode he directed was the last big Chang-centered episode, season three’s "My First Chang Dynasty". READ MORE...


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