The Office Season 9 Review “The Farm”

Those people still lamenting "The Office" spin-off that could have been got a taste of what might have been in store for them this week with "The Farm," which featured footage taken from that aborted pilot. As it turned out, from the looks of things, it would have been a weird, wild ride. It was fun seeing long-lost "Roswell" actress Majandra Delfino as Dwight’s heretofore unknown sister. I heard she went off to pursue her music career, but then she sort of dropped off my radar for a while. I always fall for the snarky sidekicks (i.e. Ksenia Solo, Aubrey Plaza, and once upon a time, Zooey Deschanel, before that sort of thing became commercially acceptable) and she was a particularly memorable one on that show that I always thought would hit it bigger than she did. Maybe this newfound exposure will help with that. Her role was a bit underwritten, admittedly, but that’s why they call ‘em pilots, folks. READ MORE...


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