Lightfields Series 1 Episode 3 (ITV) Review

We’re back for another week of creepy apparitions and tantalising clues on this week’s Lightfields, as we focus more on 2012’s Pip and Vivien’s breakdown in 1975, while still following Eve on her tunnel-vision pursuit of Lucy’s killer. As you’d expect at the half-way point, the plot has thickened considerably by the end of this third episode. Eve, for example, was previously thought exempt of the murder rap due to her dogged hunt for the killer, but now we can’t be sure of anything. Like all good whodunit’s (and this is more of a mystery crime thriller than a horror series) we really can’t trust anyone, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lightfields pointed the finger at poor, innocent Harry next. For now, he’s just throwing him limited weight around, accusing Dwight of forcing himself on Lucy and then burning the evidence down. READ MORE...


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