Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Any Means Possible”

‘Any Means Possible’, this week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast, wins kudos for the best opening scene so far. In it, Vincent and Cat started to get hot and heavy, but the beast reared his head (not a euphemism) and attacked Cat. Alas, this was all a dream. What followed was Vincent coming to accept that he can get his groove on with Cat without flipping out, with a bit of actual plot in there somewhere. I kid, I kid. The plot this week revolved around ADA Gabe Lowen, who sets up camp in the police station under the guise of investigating them. It turns out that he’s actually setting up a taskforce to catch the vigilante, one which includes Cat, Tess and Evan. That the taskforce has both the ‘vigilante’s girlfriend and a man who now runs to Muirfield at the drop of a hat is bad enough, but Gabe’s pretty shady too. Is he working for Muirfield? It seems unlikely. Does his actions at the end of the episode signal a third player entering the hunt to find Vincent? Perhaps. READ MORE...


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