Glee Season 4 Review “Feud”

Oh, Glee, why must you disappoint me again and again? After two solid weeks of musical-flavoured entertainment, one of which might have been the best episode of the season, they give us this. An exercise in backtracking on interesting ideas, ‘Feud’ is a big mess and a huge disappointment. First, let’s get one of the big talking points out of the way. Rachel doesn’t have a Brody/Finn-shaped bun in the oven. While I think it’s good that the show is portraying a sexually active adult going to the doctors to check if she’s pregnant, rather than avoiding the issue as she appeared to be last week, it’s hugely disappointing on a story level. Why have this in there is it wasn’t just a veiled PSA? Rachel didn’t grow up at all because she didn’t have to make a decision either way. We just got a "phew – all clear", and she was on her merry way. READ MORE...


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