Vegas "Estinto" Recap - It's a Blue Christmas for someone in Las Vegas

Vegas’s Tuesday night fall finale was, in a word: excellent. Not only did the episode showcase Sheriff Ralph Lamb’s detective skills – again – it bolstered each major character’s story. One such story opened the episode – Jack’s. As ‘Blue Christmas’ plays in the background we saw Jack cleaning out up his truck, inside and out complete with a wax job. Ralph may tease his brother, but it’s clear to the audience that he’s looking to impress and clean up for Mia. Mia, who is excited for her first Christmas with her father in years, as she tells Savino. However, she’s in for a surprise when Johnny arrives back at The Savoy, engaged to singer Diane Desmond. Jack, waiting across the street calls out to her after her father ditches their plans, and takes her out on a date – he even talks her into dancing with him. READ MORE...


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