Vegas Review and Preview - Things are getting interesting in Vegas!

Last week’s Vegas may be my favorite episode so far. We saw Savino challenge his new ‘boss,’ Jack teased for more with Mia, and Ralph got kidnapped! The episode opened on the very moment that the Sheriff was taken. As he headed into Vegas Bank and Trust he’s knocked out and taken…somewhere. It’s all very dark and mysterious and then we’re pushed back, 58 hours earlier in the story. All seems calm in the opening minutes of the "Paiutes," despite Dixon being threatened with a rifle for messing with a man’s wife. While seemingly irrelevant to the greater story, the situation gives us a reminder of how good of a Sheriff Ralph is, handling the situation calmly and with a friendly air, as he protected his son. Over at The Savoy (presumably) we also see Jack and Mia’s morning – playful and flirtatious, though Mia is insistent that Jack has to have some kind of angle when it comes to her before heading off to investigate a sketchy poker game in a private suite. A newcomer to Vegas, the room’s host Cole is beating some of the best players in The Savoy and Mia is rightfully suspicious. READ MORE...


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