'The Office' goes to 'The Farm,' and it's probably good it's not going back

We already know that "The Farm," a spinoff of "The Office" that would have centered on Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and his heretofore unknown siblings, isn't happening. NBC and the show still decided to air a modified version of the spinoff pilot, though, devoting about half of Thursday's (March 14) "Office" to meeting Dwight's brother Jeb (Thomas Middleditch) and sister Frannie (Majandra Delfino) back to the beet farm for their aunt's funeral. Having seen the pared-down version, it looks like NBC made the right decision.The biggest hurdle for the spinoff was always its central character. In the context of "The Office," Dwight is a great character, but nine seasons of his oddball (at best) and antisocial (at worst) behavior make it really hard to envision a show built around him. It's not that shows can't be built around people who aren't always likable -- heck, it was the guiding principle of "The Office" under Michael Scott....



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