Grimm reveals the many, many reasons psychotic werewolves shouldn’t rob banks

Last night’s episode of Grimm wasn’t as strong as last week’s mid season premiere, but I don’t mean that as a criticism. Premieres and finales always get the good stuff; it’s the in-between episodes where a show proves its worth. And while I may have a nitpick or two, I have no real complaints about “Natural Born Wesen.”

Even if it didn’t have that awesome title, “Natural Born Wesen” would still be pretty solid. The episode presents a stand-alone story as well as movement on the overarching plot, so I’ll explain both separately. Let’s look at the overarching one first, because this episode begins where the last episode ends, with Nick's unconscious and raspberry-colored after drinking the potion that’s somehow supposed to cure Renard and Juliette's magically induced obsession with each other. Read More...


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