Person of Interest Season 2 Review “All In”

It looks like Reese and Finch have caught the travel bug. Last week the two took off to a stormy island. This week, the machine sends Reese to the motel-glam of Atlantic City. The person of interest is a gambler who has fallen into significant debt. But before we get to the rough and tumble world of geriatric Baccarat, Reese has to rescue Tao from the hands of some unscrupulous men. It feels like a long time since we’ve seen Tao. His character’s moral ambiguity and banter with Team Machine is always entertaining to watch. It’s also like having a mini Lost reunion. They should really try to coax Evangeline Lilly into a guest spot. It was particularly amusing when Tao learns that the thugs want to kill him. He warns them to leave, right before Reese and Bear bust through the door. I like that Reese is taking Bear on patrol. Bear makes every scene better. READ MORE...


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