Cult Season 1 Review “Get With the Program” — Don’t Write About Billy

‘Get With the Program’ saw Jeff and Skye team up with a woman whose husband was taken in much the same manner as Nate, and a ‘cult expert’ who finds cult members and deprograms them. It was an episode that should have revealed new information about the real life cult, the True Believers, but failed to do so. This was mostly because what we learned was fairly obvious. After tracking down the creators of the data discs, Jeff and the cult expert attempted to get answers out of one young hacker. (Side note: why the hack pad’s internet IP address was on the disc, and why the hackers kept a static IP address, is baffling.) He lead them to a drainage pipe on a shooting location used as Billy’s compound. Here seemingly kidnapped True Believers are locked away and tested to see if they can progress to the next level. Nate passed the test. READ MORE...


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