Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “Two for Tina”

"Two for Tina" took the all the standard school dance tropes and put a little Bob’s Burgers spin on them when Tina became an object of desire for both Jimmy Jr. and her grocery store love, Josh. I tend to really enjoy the Tina centered stories because I love the way Tina’s character is treated on the show. She’s shy, awkward, and a little slow on the pick up, but she’s also got an incredible sense of self worth that’s been fostered by her family’s unwavering love and support. She may have been nervous about asking Jimmy Jr. to the dance, but her anxiety had nothing to do with low self-esteem and everything to do with execution and results. Tina relished Jimmy Jr. and Josh’s battle over her, but her joy was subtle and subdued. I loved her muttering which encouraged the boys to continue their attempts to woo her, and her little smirks which revealed just how pleased she was with how the entire scenario was playing out. READ MORE...


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