Vikings Season 1 Review “Dispossessed”

Ragnar should be returning triumphant after his successful pillage of the English monastery. On the boat ride home, he certainly looks self-satisfied. But, he must have anticipated that Earl Haraldson was going to be seriously displeased at being disobeyed. Ragnar may not have thought, though, that Haraldson would strip him and his crew of all their plunder. Before Ragnar’s return, Haraldson knows that Ragnar has gone west. Haraldson sends a man to Ragnar’s house to investigate. That poor guy isn’t prepared to take on Lagertha. When he tells her that he’s going to take her son as collateral until Ragnar’s return, he has only to take one look at the ax in her hand to rethink that idea. He takes a neighbor boy instead. Lagertha sends out such a great vibe of, "Don’t even think about messing with me." The man made a wise choice in not doing so, because she would have had no qualms putting the ax in his head. READ MORE...


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