The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “The Hangover Part Tubbs”

On the latest episode of "The Cleveland Show"- one of two that evening- Donna was in full self-promotion mode in the wryly-titled "The Hangover Part Tubbs," in which she was among those vying for a slot on the school board. Her only problem? Cleveland being Cleveland, of course, and how she could keep him from screwing up her chances without hurting his feelings in the process. Her solution? To hire a lookalike to take his place, which led to some amusing situations. Though I liked the other episode that aired later that night more, this one had its moments, too. Like when Cleveland saw the faux Cleveland and wondered aloud if it was a time-traveling version of himself, only to have the "real" thing show up: "It’s me, future Cleveland. I’ve come to tell you that’s not what happened. She did replace you." LOL. I guess "Family Guy" isn’t the only one who can do time-travel jokes. READ MORE...


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