Touch Season 2 Review “Broken”

Things are starting to come together a bit now on Touch. The stories seem to be overlapping more and it seems like things are sort of starting to build to an interesting climax. Martin and Jake were kind of more in the background in this episode, but I’m alright with that. We needed some movement on the other storylines. A few thoughts about "Broken": I’m conflicted about Lucy. On the one hand, I can totally sympathize with her desperation to get her daughter back. She’s a parent and I cannot begin to imagine the nightmare of having your child kidnapped. On top of that, she was thisclose to getting Amelia back before she was snatched again. That horrible. On the other hand, she’s still making stupid decisions. I’m still trying to figure out Lucy’s thought processes for almost killing and kidnapping Calvin. First of all, it’s against the law. Second, torture rarely works. The victim just tells you what you want to hear so you’ll stop. Third, and probably most importantly, Lucy is a civilian with zero tactical training. She didn’t even know how to tie proper knots. Then, on top of all of that, she left her prisoner alone and unguarded. I just didn’t buy that Lucy would run Calvin down and then torture him. Her character hasn’t built to that for me yet. Maybe it has more to do with the writing than anything else. There hasn’t really been any urgency in Lucy’s search for Amelia. It’s been obvious that Lucy wants to get her daughter back, but up to this point her storyline has primarily consisted of running around yelling Amelia’s name or telling Martin how much she wants her daughter back. There hasn’t really been much development or build-up in her story. So for her to go from sitting in a cafe talking about how long it’s been since she’s seen her daughter to going to Gitmo on Calvin seems like a stretch. READ MORE...


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