Family Guy Season 11 Review “Turban Cowboy”

On the latest episode of "Family Guy," Peter found a new friend, in the amusingly-titled "Turban Cowboy." Or did he? (First, he found a new frond, actually: "Do we stagger our waves or do ‘em at the same time?" Peter asked, as he learned the rules of the trade of waving big plant leaves at an emperor-type.) The new pal was named Mahmoud, and Peter met him after a series of amusing sky-diving fails that had him flattening everything from an unsuspecting Meg to a ninja to a game of "Angry Birds" finally landed him in the hospital, figuratively if not literally- though, come to think of it, that would have saved him some time. I liked the joke about the popular phone-based game: "Stop smiling! 90% of the people playing this are pooping!" And the bit with Harrison Ford was funny, too: "Get off my plane!" (Not to mention the gag that Calista Flockhart was a piece of paper.) READ MORE...


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