Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “St. Patrick’s Day”

Everyone is in rare form for Mike & Molly’s St. Patrick’s Day special! While Carl and Samuel plan a party at their new apartment after ransacking Carl’s grandmother’s house for supplies, Mike is being worked like a slave by Molly who is ovulating at the wrong time – according to Mike. He wishes she would ovulate during Mama Mia. After she comes home following a bar fight, bearing a bad tattoo, Mike is wondering where his typically well behaved wife went who keeps telling things about her past. She’s on a tear and tells him to shut his mouth and drop trou, they have a job to get done. Mike looks on edge and after a brief break where he has a heart to heart with Victoria over love, Molly demands that they get back to work. It seems their both dealing with the stresses of creating a family in different ways. Mike misses the old Molly and Molly just needs a bath tub of green beer! READ MORE...


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