The Client List Season 2 Review “Who’s Cheatin’ Who”

On the latest episode of "The Client List," entitled "Who’s Cheatin’ Who," poor Riley was suffering from a bad case of "jerk elbow," aka "peckeritis." (Hey, it’s totally a thing, but don’t ask how I know…) As if that wasn’t bad enough, as predicted by the judge, the cops are closing in on her big time, even going so far as to search her house, looking for her ex’s ill-gotten gains. They might have found a horse of a different color- or should I say an armadillo?- if it weren’t for the heads-up Georgia gave her. Good thing her ex’s timing is better in jail than out of it, as the money does crop up later on. How many of you were totally freaking out when she took the money to her ex’s former employer? I’m not suggesting she should have kept it necessarily, but she could have at least played it better than she did. Like, I don’t know, maybe say that she’d give it to him if he’d back off, not actually give it to him and hope that it would be enough to make him back off. Too late now, but you’d think that someone used to playing things close to the bodice would know better than to have handled it the way she did. READ MORE...


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