Bolt - Animated superhero rocks!!

A super hero is unleashed in town. No it is not Batman, Spiderman or Wolverine; it is Bolt – a new canine creation from the house of Walt Disney. This movie is a treat for all the dog lovers. “Dog is a Man’s best friend” has been aptly shown in this 3-D animated movie Bolt. It stars big names like John Travolta (voice for Bolt) and Miley Cyrus (voice for Penny). Like every other Disney movie this movie too scores high in its animation of course, awesome story line, cute humour and endearing characters.

The dog (an American White Shepherd) in the movie is made to believe that he has super powers and his aim is to save his person ‘Penny’ from the green eyed evil Dr. Calico. But destiny had some other plans and Bolt escapes from his reel world in search of Penny who according to him has been kidnapped by Dr. Calico. In his quest to save Penny he meets an alley cat Mittens (voice given by Susie Essman) who loves to bully the pigeons and Bolt’s ardent fan Rhino (voice given by Mark Walton), who by the way is a hamster.

The camaraderie between the three is splendid and absolutely fun to watch. Mittens like a good friend gives realty check to Bolt and Rhino with his zealous spirit makes Bolt believe that nothing his impossible and always cheer him up. Don’t miss watching the pigeons. They are quick, intelligent and enterprising. I loved the performance of Rhino. He was simply awesome, no actually beyond awesome, he was beawesome!!

All in all, Bolt is a great movie of courage, loyalty, friendship and the power of love. The message is positive and the hero comes out on top. Great family movie!


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