NCIS Review: The K9 and the Nannies

You can never go wrong putting a dog into the star seat in any TV episode.  Dexter filled the role so well in "Seek" - a story about a K9 expert who was killed by a sniper after saving a child from a Taliban mine field in Afghanistan. 

As it turned out, the murdered Marine's widow was correct in her suspicion that he was not killed by the Taliban, which the NCIS team was able to figure out with the limited number of clues they obtained.  The murdered Marine - Ted Lemere - had been using his dog to help some contractors clear some empty buildings of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), not realizing they were searching for loot left behind by Afghanis who had previously fled from the Taliban.  When he discovered what they were up to, they offered him a cut of their take and when he refused, they killed him.  Read More...


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