Lost Girl Season 3 Review “The Ceremony”

So, this "Dawning" thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder, right? On the latest "Lost Girl," aptly-titled "The Ceremony," Bo finally got down to brass tacks and took on the big bad final tests. That opener was an attention-getter, right? I mean, on a certain level, you knew it had to be fake, and they’ve pulled that whole psych-out thing before this season, so I was prepared for it this time, but it was pretty out of nowhere. I love it when the show just knocks you for a loop without explanation and then assumes the viewer will be smart enough to pick up on it as things progress on the show, even if it may not happen within the actual episode it’s presented in. In that aspect, it really reminds me of "Buffy," along with the snark-laden writing. I’ve always liked shows that assume the viewers have a modicum of intelligence and that they’ll be able to catch on eventually, and I love me some ongoing plot-lines. READ MORE...


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