2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Temporary Distraction”

Kind of an odd "2 Broke Girls" this week, with "And the Temporary Distraction." Basically, the girls got a temp job in light of their cupcake shop going down in flames, which is perfectly understandable. What was sort of strange was how vehemently Max’s reaction to Caroline’s success was. I mean, I get that Max wouldn’t want Caroline to give up on their dreams, but would it have killed her to let Caroline make a little decent cash in the meantime, to help reignite those dreams via incoming cash flow? It didn’t make much sense to me in the long term. I guess we’re supposed to think that, had Caroline continued down this road, she would have given up the cupcake dream altogether for a more corporate life, but it didn’t entirely track for me. Granted, this is "2 Broke Girls" we’re talking about, which is not exactly known for its thought-provoking plot-lines, but you get what I mean? Why get Caroline fired when they clearly need the money in the short-term? READ MORE...


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