Dallas Season 2 Review “Ewings Unite!” – In the Footsteps of JR

In something of an homage to JR, Christopher and Bobby tentatively explored the dark side in this week’s episode of Dallas, "Ewings Unite!" It took JR’s death for them to realize that playing nice isn’t going to help them in the endless fight against Cliff Barnes and his new BFF, Harris Ryland, and their timing couldn’t have been better as their enemies hatched a plot that could have lasting repercussions. I have to admit, it was nice to see Christopher and John Ross having each other’s backs. I was just a little surprised that Christopher wasn’t more worried about the letter Miss Ellie left behind, to be opened upon JR’s death, that gave John Ross half of Southfork, the lost birthright that JR was never able to reclaim. Bobby sure was hesitant to carry out his mama’s wishes, especially after JR left John Ross half of the oil rights, too, but it seems like, for the moment, John Ross is content with his fortune and the fact that Bobby agreed to start drilling on Southfork again. Without that to worry about, he and his cousin can focus on their mutual enemies, although the day will come, I’m sure, when they’ll go back to the status quo. It’s just their way. READ MORE...


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