The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Invitation to an Inquest”

There was a lot of manipulation going on in this episode of The Good Wife. Eli manipulated Jordan. Cary’s dad manipulated him and Diane. The insurance company lawyer manipulated the coroner at the inquest. I wonder if any of these people know how to just be upfront and honest with people. A few thoughts about "Invitation to an Inquest": The case of the week was kind of different in that it wasn’t really a trial. It was an inquest at the Lake County Coroner’s Office into the death of Roger Ludwig, one of the state supreme court justices. The victim’s wife called Alicia in because the attorney for the insurance company showed up trying to figure out a way for the insurance company not to pay out on the policy. He claimed that the judge’s death wasn’t covered under his policy because he was driving and talking on his cell phone when he died. They initially argued that it was his recklessness which caused his death and thereby voided his policy. When Alicia attempted to rebut that argument by questioning the first witness, she was blindsided by the fact that attorneys were only permitted to ask 3 questions of each witness during the inquest. That rule led to some very creative question-asking and quite a few run-on sentences. When the insurance company’s initial argument failed, they argued that the judge had committed suicide because he was under investigation by the ethics committee. Alicia and Will were able to successfully rebut that argument by claiming that the judge was possibly murdered by his mistress. Ultimately, the coroner ruled the judge’s death an accident after Alicia and Will presented evidence that a drunk driver had actually caused the judge the swerve and lose control of his vehicle. The insurance company reluctantly paid out the $2 million dollar policy to the judge’s widow. READ MORE...


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