Cougar Town Season 4 Review “Saving Grace”

Cougar Town is at its best when it lets its more absurd elements mix with believable relationship issues, something "Saving Grace" did a great job of. The way that all three of tonight’s plotlines wrapped up in the middle of an adult dodgeball game is a perfect example of the kind of fun this show lets its characters have. Once again, Jules and Grayson found their domestic bliss thrown up in the air as Grayson revealed he thought prayer was silly. Given that Grayson is often the most logical member of the Cul-de-Sac Crew, it made sense this plotline would fall to him, just as it made sense for Jules to harp on him for it throughout the rest of the episode. However, this story thread didn’t really go anywhere. There was as much focus on the seagull invasion of their house as there was on any kind of religious debate. It ultimately came down to Grayson being there to support his wife, a good message, but a resolution that didn’t feel connected to what preceded it. READ MORE...


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