Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Review “A dAngerous gAme”

It was season finale time on "Pretty Little Liars," and that only means one thing: revelation time! Of course, as per usual, for every question answered in "A dAngerous gAme," there were a host of new ones raised. God, you gotta love this show! And hate it a little, too- or, as Spencer aptly put it (and she might as well be speaking for the audience here): "Hope breeds eternal misery." You hope that stuff will be revealed, but then you just end up with a lot more questions than answers. Spencer proved to be as cryptic a read as ever, when the show began with her released and seemingly back to her old self again. But it was as I predicted, and she had infiltrated the "A-Team" and was indeed responsible for Malcolm’s pseudo-kidnapping. The question really was, is she for real, or did she just do it for love? Was she trying to get to the bottom of the "A" thing, or did she just want the truth on Toby? Was she really willing to throw the girls underneath a bus, or was she just playing along to figure out what was really going on? READ MORE...


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