New Girl Season 2 Review “Quick Hardening Caulk” – Of Boards and Fishes

After downing a lot of pain meds in the aftermath of taking a 2×4 to the chin, Jess couldn’t hold back her growing attraction to Nick in "Quick Hardening Caulk," this week’s episode of New Girl. Of course, we all know that she’s been mildly attracted to him since day one, but things have changed since that kiss, not just for Jess, but for Nick himself. I refuse to believe that he just decided to start being ambitious entirely on his own. His new-found drive and dedication to his work (he created Guy’s Night at the bar, the worst marketing campaign ever) had Jess seeing him in a whole new light, so under the influence, she blurted out her desire to have sex with him. Unfortunately, Nick, thinking that Jess was off-limits, had gotten himself tangled up with the new manager of his bar. Neither woman was too pleased to find out about the other. Back at home, Jess and Nick got into a huge fight that nearly (so close!) led to angry hot sex, but the mood (mostly) died when Nick accidentally broke the fish tank. READ MORE...


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