Justified Season 4 Review “Decoy”

It was a good day to be Raylan Givens! Having secured Drew Thompson, the only task left for the U.S. Marshals was to transfer the prisoner. This seemed like a difficult proposition considering Theo Tonin’s men were on the scene and Boyd was providing insight into Raylan’s likely strategies. Fortunately, this one went to the good guys and Raylan managed to do what appeared impossible – he got Thompson out of Harlan. This was a particularly violent episode. We’ve seen shootings and a sawed off foot this season, but the beatings that Boyd and Constable Bob took were brutal to watch. We don’t often see Boyd in a position of vulnerability as he can usually talk his way out of anything. This didn’t work with Tonin’s man. While strapped to a chair, Boyd took a serious beating to his face, which lost him a tooth but surprisingly left no other marks. There was some great dialogue here, such as when Boyd is told he likes "using 40 words where 4 would do." So true, but that’s why you gotta love Boyd. READ MORE...


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