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Aria and Ezra

Okay well episode 7 is almost airing, but before this happens....

I want to know if any of you thinks if Aria and Ezra will be together??

I haven't read the books but I've heard that they'd break up but...

come on! LUCY HALE and IAN HARDING is soooo cute together! AND PLEZ great chemistry!

the directors jst cnt ruin dat RIGHT?? i mean they shud totally b together- :)

SO please COMMENT- nd lemme know how u thinkkk~


| 11:16 EDT, 12 Aug, 2010
I've read the books so I know what happens..but i really like them as a couple..I try not to think about them being student/teacher and just look at them as people..if they met in any other situation/time they would be perfect together..their relationship is so cute..and i'm just talking about the think about the actors..their kids would be beautiful haha..LOVE the show and books..addicted! =)
| 08:48 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
yeah u think? well its not quite educational is it? hahait would be kind of wrong showin that relationship on TV but i hope so too :)i love them together!!
| 22:16 EDT, 21 Jul, 2010
i think theyre great together and the actors have such great chemistry but i doubt the show/network is going to keep a teacher and his student together in a relationship. im hoping he quits or something or realizes he doesnt want to teach, then him and aria can be together haha

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