Review - Bates Motel: Norman's World

The name "Norman Bates" possesses power. It’s instantly recognizable by just about anyone, anywhere, and it always evokes the same feeling of unease deep in the pit of your stomach. And that is despite a few sub-standard sequels. Since appearing in Hitchcock’s "Psycho" Norman has become the slide rule that measures all other psychopaths, and there are very good reasons why he is such a hard act for any serial killer to follow. As originally characterized by Anthony Perkins, Norman was not simply a force to be feared, but a persona crafted from unsettling nuance, internal mystery, and a bizarre and awkward likability. After Norman, geeks and their hobbies were never looked at the same again. Taking into consideration his legendary status as the high water mark for serial killers, Bates Motel has a tough challenge on its hands. READ MORE...


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