The Walking Dead Review - 3.14 "Prey"

To prepare for tonight’s Andrea-centric episode of The Walking Dead I re-watched the season one finale "TS-19", another Andrea-centric episode that saw the Human Rights Lawyer turned Zombie Killer arrive at an emotional apex. Back to back, "TS-19" and tonight’s "Prey" make for a potent character cocktail; anyone who doubts the character transforming dramatic energy of The Walking Dead would have a tough time dismissing Andrea’s dark journey of growth. In abstract comparison, "TS-19" Andrea was somewhat absorbed in her personal agony, projecting a faithless outlook on the world and all too ready to give up on mankind; Andrea as of late has been a polar opposite. Now she believes. In many ways, it seems like she has absorbed a bit of Dale’s optimism for mankind’s ability to remain, well, human. The most impressive aspect of her transformation is that we can suss out the minutia of her transformation. It’s not something that happened suddenly, because the story suddenly called for it; it’s a carefully planned transcendence that brings with it the weight of three seasons of story. Here’s what went on: READ MORE...


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