Once Upon a Time Recap: Begin at the Beginning

This week's Once Upon a Time gave us the first real Storybrooke flashback when the show went back to 1983 and showed us the first week after the Evil Queen's curse transported everyone to this little town in Maine. A Camping Trip. It's 1983 and Kurt and Owen Flynn are on a camping trip after the recent death of Kurt's wife and Owen's mother. The father and son duo are "out in the boonies" when a mysterious storm blows through the forest. But we know that this is no ordinary storm, it's actually a cloud of magic forming the town of Storybrooke and transporting the fairytale characters to our world. When the Flynns wake up the next morning to discover that their car has been wrecked in the storm, they head for help. But they're shocked to see a town that they swear wasn't there before and they're greeted by....Sheriff Graham. READ MORE...


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