'Survivor: Caramoan': The tribe shake-up seems awfully unfair

So, after last week's fireworks on "Survivor: Caramoan," will this week's episode be a let down? We shall see.BikalPhillip tells everyone that Brandon was a traitor and that his problem with Phillip was all in Brandon's head. Corinne is also hot under the collar, saying Brandon is crazy along the lines of Mel Gibson, which is kind of hilarious. You know you've fallen hard as a movie star when you are being cited as a crazy person on a reality TV show. Heeeee.Phillip also tries to fire up his tribe by talking about how weak and beaten down the Fans look -- as he vows that Corinne is on the chopping block the first opportunity he gets. We aren't sure that's the strongest play, dude. She's a very divisive player -- keeps the heat off you to keep someone like that around. Somebody unassuming and well-liked like Dawn would be the best play to vote...



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