Arrow Season 1 Review “The Huntress Returns”

A little spring break did Arrow a lot of good. The show returned with arrows, fists, and feet flying. I’m getting more intrigued by Oliver’s life in Starling City because it’s getting more and more complicated. The line between Ollie and The Hood are getting even more blurred than they were already and Ollie is having to make even more difficult decisions. Let me not get ahead of myself though. A few thoughts about "The Huntress Returns": The title obviously gave away the villain of the week. Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress showed up in Starling City again. She found out that her father had testified against some other mobsters and was granted a new life in witness protection. She came back to kill him, but the FBI was keeping him at a safehouse and she needed help to find it. So, she went to Ollie. Ollie refused to help her because he believed it to be nothing more than murder. Helena then grabbed Tommy and threatened to kill him unless Ollie helped her. Ollie reluctantly agreed, but Helena was arrested during their assassination attempt. Ollie broke her out of the police station, gave her a plane ticket and told her to leave Starling City. Naturally, she refused and kidnapped Felicity and made her hack the FBI database to find out where they were keeping Bertinelli. A showdown occurred between The Hood and The Huntress which ends in McKenna getting shot. McKenna survives but is basically temporarily paralyzed, The Huntress escapes, and Ollie blames himself for all of it. READ MORE...


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