Survivor: Caramoan Review “Operation Thunder Dome”

Survivor: Caramoan returned tonight with "Operation Thunder Dome", and I believe we have our very first post-tribal scenes that take place during the day time! We’re so used to seeing the tribe come back with the blue and white night vision cameras, but after Brandon’s premature exit resulted in the first ever mid-day tribal council, we actually can clearly see the Favorites tribe as they bemoan Brandon’s behavior. I don’t want to dwell any longer on Brandon’s hissy fit last week, as it really just makes me angrier the more that I think about it, but I will say one more thing. I was a little disappointed and frustrated with Jeff’s voiceover recapping the whole thing, as he says that Brandon’s hissy fit was "In true Hantz fashion". As a big fan of Russell Hantz myself, I think that Brandon gives the Hantz family a bad name. Russell never quit the game like that, and he never sabotaged his team mates or campsite. The worst thing he ever did was throw Jayson’s socks in the fire! READ MORE...


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