Suburgatory Season 2 Review “Eat, Pray, Eat”

There has been a lot of positives coming out of this season of Suburgatory (Teaser: I have over 1000 words coming on some of them soon), but the show has also had things that remain problematic. One of the main issues with the show has been how far it strayed from the father-daughter relationship that formed its core in season one. Internet incest jokes aside, George and Tessa have amazing chemistry together and are utterly believable as father and daughter. Steering away from that in favor of George’s budding relationship with Dallas has proved troublesome at best. Not only has the relationship taken away from George-Tessa time, George’s relationship with Dallas has also brought out some of the worst features of Dallas that were on display in season one. In addition to George and Dallas, the show’s focus on Noah Werner’s obsession with his housekeeper hasn’t exactly been the best use of the show’s time. It’s an attempt to deepen a character that has provided a net zero to the show since it started. The Werners have been the symbol of Chatswin ridiculousness. It doesn’t make sense to try to give them something to do now. The audience hasn’t seen enough to know or care about the Werner marriage. READ MORE...


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