Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “The Gathering”

After a long hiatus of four weeks, Criminal Minds has finally returned tonight with "The Gathering". With the last haunting image we saw being the team walking in on The Replicators collage of all of the team members, tonight’s installment picks up right after that frightening event. I was glad that they didn’t completely gloss over The Replicator tonight, since you know they’re probably going to keep that case open for the finale, but it makes sense that they would push that out of the way in lieu of more recent murders. They didn’t say exactly how long it had been since they found the photos, but it didn’t seem that it had been long, so it did make Strauss come off a little unsympathetic and demanding by making them move along. She says she understands how they feel, and that they can keep tabs on it as an ongoing case, but I don’t know why she has to come off so aggressive and rude. READ MORE...


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