American Idol Season 12 Review “Finalists Compete”

On this week’s "American Idol," the theme was The Beatles, and it’s always perversely amusing seeing which contestants have never heard of the artists being performed, and in some cases, were hearing them for the first time. This was no different from past themes, which found similar results, as those who knew the material easily outclassed those who didn’t, with some mild exceptions. IMHO, if you’re going to cover something like The Beatles, you really should make the songs your own; otherwise what’s the point, really? I say this as more of a Stones fan than a Beatles fan, admittedly, but I would say the same thing about that band, too. All too often we ended up with threadbare by-the-numbers versions of songs many of the contestants had never heard at all until literally days before they performed them. There were a few stand-outs, but not many, to be sure. READ MORE...


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