The Americans Season 1 Review “Mutually Assured Destruction”

On tonight’s episode of "The Americans," they met the enemy and he was…them? Yep, in "Mutually Assured Destruction," Liz and Phil got the plum assignment of hunting one of their own, when the higher-ups had a change of heart and decided to call off their own dog that they’d brought in to hunt down and kill some fourteen different scientists working for the Americans on the antiballistic program. The problem? The hit man wasn’t responding to "recall" protocol, no one knew what he looked like, what his name was, and had no leads as to his whereabouts, save the list of targets. So, Liz and Phil opt to target one of the scientists themselves, hoping that the Americans will take notice and increase security on them, which will at least slow the hit man down, hopefully. They blow up the poor guy’s car, albeit with him not in it, and sure enough, the Americans spring into action. Meanwhile, Liz meets with Claudia, who tells them the assassin is German and was thought to be using a specific weapons contact, which she gives to Liz. She also tells Liz she’s still fond of her and wants to make it up to her by…completely annihilating her marriage? Gee, thanks. READ MORE...


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