Vampire Diaries Season 4: Will Elena Ever Revert to Her Old Self?

A couple of game-changing things went on before The Vampire Diaries went on hiatus, not least of which was Elena finally flipping the switch and going full-on vamp. Now we’ve seen the fallout from that decision, and know that an Elena without feelings isn’t one you’d want around puppies and children. She’s really taken to this whole ‘evil undead monster’ shtick, and has even given Damon a run for his money in selfish and reckless behaviour. But is this the end of old, whiny, moral Elena – the girl who would do anything for her friends but who couldn’t make a decision to save her life? I have to admit, it’s lovely to have a break from that girl, who was increasingly sucking the fun out of the show with her various crippling traumas, and have her replaced with this fun-loving carefree teenager we’re enjoying now. My hat comes off for Nina Dobrev, who has now made me believe in three completely separate characters, often at the same time. READ MORE...


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