Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Review “Undercover Blue” – Drop the Soap

While Law and Order: SVU has always been willing to go far more in the personal lives of its characters than the original show, does anyone else feel like they’re so far stretched for stories that they’re replacing real drama with melodrama? In this week’s episode, "Undercover Blue," we finally found out the identity of Olivia’s mystery man…but that wasn’t the only secret revealed. Listen, I’m a romance novelist, and one of my favorite tropes is the secret baby, but there are some shows that just shouldn’t go there, and I feel like SVU is one of them…but they totally did! As we found out this week, while undercover to take down a drug cartel ten years earlier, Amaro fell in love with the sister of the ring’s leader, and left her pregnant after the bust went down. It was only through testifying against another undercover cop (more on that in a moment) that the truth finally came out, and Nick found out about his nine year old son. READ MORE...


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